lonsdor k518iseカーネルを更新する方法?

どうしてhibernation functionを更新しますか?

待機時間を長くするパワーセーブ。オートスタンバイ機能は暑い夏に過熱したときに、装置を防止することができる。 lonsdor k518iseのhibernation functionを更新する方法?

Preparation for Update:

  1. Power on the Lonsdor machineor keep the battery level over 80%.
  2. Make sure wifi network works goodand the Lonsdor machine can receive signal well;

Update steps:

  1. Click [One key update] and skip to below interface. Then click the first button to update system. When the update complete, click [OK] to reboot the device.

  1. After rebooting, click and enter [Settings] menu, you will find there are two additional function buttons: [Update Kernel ] and [Display Settings].

  1. Click [Update Kernel] first and skip to below interface, then press [Update] to update the kernel.

  1. Click [Install]after updating the kernel file. And the device will reboot to install kernel.

  1. Blank screen is normal during the installation. The whole process will take 5 minutes, be patient to wait and don’t restart the device manually.

  1. The update complete when the password input interface appears. Screen auto-lock in the [Display Settings ] is added.

  1. Enter [Settings]→[Display Settings] to adjust the screen brightness and screen auto-locking time .

  1. The benefits for update: Save power to prolong stand-by time. Auto standby function can prevent the device from being overheated in summerwhen it’s hot.